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Accident At Work Claim UK – Workplace Injury Solicitors

Welcome to our dedicated service for employees and workers who have been injured at work and are contemplating making an accident at work claim.

We understand that suffering an accident at work can be a distressing and often overwhelming experience. Whether you’ve suffered from a slip on a wet floor in the workplace, a fall from a height, or any other incident at work that wasn’t your fault, our team is available to offer expert advice and support.

Our service is designed to guide you through the process of making an accident at work claim if you’ve been injured because of your employer’s negligence, ensuring, to our best ability, that your rights are protected and the necessary steps are taken to pursue compensation successfully for any injuries and losses incurred.

Our team offers a no-obligation consultation where you’ll receive free legal advice about your options after your claim has been reviewed for free. Should your claim seem viable, it could be passed to an accident at work solicitor from our panel who, upon your agreement, will handle your case on a No Win, No Fee basis.

For more information about your options and our No, Win, No fee accident at work claims service, you can:

  • Call us on 0333 241 2519 to speak with a specialist.
  • Ask questions via our live chat service.

Getting legal advice as soon as possible after an injury at work can significantly enhance the chances of receiving compensation for your pain, suffering, and financial losses incurred due to the accident.

Types of Accident at Work Claims We Can Help With

A small selection of the types of accidents at work we can help injured employees and workers get compensation for are:

Other examples of incidents and accidents at work we could help with include falls from heights, struck by accidents, workplace assaults and defective equipment to name a few.

Can I Make an Accident at Work Claim?

If you wondering should I claim for an accident at work, it is important to recognise that in law, your employer has a legal obligation to take reasonable steps to protect your welfare in the workplace. This duty is formed by the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. As such, they should:

  • Train you on how to do your job safely.
  • Perform regular risk assessments and, wherever feasible, eliminate identified hazards.
  • Provide protective clothing or equipment where required.
  • Ensure all equipment is properly maintained and repaired when needed.
  • Keep the workplace as tidy and organised as possible.

Therefore, you could be entitled to begin an accident at work claim where:

  • Your employer owed you a duty of care at the time of your accident.
  • The accident occurred because of your employer’s negligence.
  • Your injuries can be directly attributed to the accident.

Additionally, it’s important to note the time limit for claiming compensation for an injury at work claim in the UK. Generally, you have three years from the date the accident at work happened, or from the date you became aware of your injury, to file a claim. This timeframe ensures timely and relevant proceedings, so it’s important to act promptly if you believe you have a claim.

If you’ve suffered following an accident at work and believe your employer was at fault, call us to find out more about your chances of receiving a compensation payout.

Can I Be Sacked for Making a Work Accident Claim?

Many people worry about the potential consequences of starting an accident at work claim. However, your employment rights mean it is illegal for your employer to treat you differently because of your claim.

As such, your employer is not allowed to sack you, discipline you, demote you or change your contract as a result of an honest claim. Any such action might enable you to begin a constructive or unfair dismissal claim on top of your personal injury claim.

What Evidence Can Support My Work Injury Claim?

If your employer denies liability for your accident at work or your injuries, you might not receive the compensation you’re entitled to. Therefore, you’ll need to supply as much evidence as you can to prove your case. This will also need to prove the extent of your injuries.

The types of evidence that can make your accident at work claim strong include:

  • Accident Report: Ensure that the incident is officially recorded in your workplace’s accident book. This serves as an official record of the event.
  • Medical Records: Seek immediate medical attention after the accident, even for minor injuries. Medical records, including doctor’s notes, diagnoses, and treatment plans, are pivotal in demonstrating the extent and impact of your personal injury at work.
  • Photographic Evidence: Take photos of the accident scene, focusing on specific hazards or conditions that contributed to the accident at work. Also, photograph your injuries.
  • Witness Statements: Gather contact information of anyone who witnessed the accident. Their accounts can provide an independent perspective on what happened.
  • Details of Losses and Expenses: Keep a detailed record of all expenses related to your workplace injury, including medical costs, travel costs to medical appointments, and any lost earnings due to time off work.
  • Workplace Safety Records: Evidence of health and safety inspections, risk assessments, and any previous workplace accident reports can demonstrate a history of employer negligence or recurring issues.
  • Correspondence: Retain copies of any communication with your employer about the accident and your injuries, including emails and letters.
  • CCTV Footage: If available, CCTV footage capturing the accident at work can be a powerful piece of evidence.
  • Personal Diary or Journal: Keep a diary detailing your recovery, the pain and challenges faced, and how the injury affects your daily life and work.
  • Financial Records: Detailed documentation of any financial losses incurred due to the workplace accident. This includes pay slips to demonstrate lost wages or reduced income during recovery, invoices or receipts for medical treatments and medications, travel expenses for medical appointments, and any additional costs incurred as a direct result of the injury.

If a solicitor from our team takes on your claim, they could work to find further evidence to support your claim. For example, if a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation was carried out, they could request a copy of the relevant report.

To check if you’ve got enough evidence to start an accident at work claim, please get in touch with a specialise on 0333 241 2519.

How Much Compensation for an Accident at Work Claim?

When considering how much can you claim for an accident at work claim, several factors come into play. These include the type of injury and its severity, the extent of any ongoing or long-term effects, and the impact on your ability to work and carry out daily activities.

Compensation for a work injury typically covers:

General Damages: These are awarded for the pain, suffering, and loss of amenity (PSLA) caused by your injuries. This can include physical pain, mental anguish, and the inability to participate in activities or hobbies you enjoyed before the accident.

Special Damages: These cover any financial losses or expenses incurred as a result of the injury. This includes loss of earnings if you’ve been unable to work, medical expenses, travel costs related to medical appointments, and the cost of any ongoing treatment or rehabilitation. If your injury leads to long-term health issues or a permanent disability, compensation might also account for future losses. This can include future loss of earnings, future medical care costs, and any necessary modifications to your home or vehicle.

Each claim is unique, and as such settlements are determined depending on individual circumstances. It’s also important to remember that accident-at-work compensation aims to restore your financial position to where it would have been had the workplace accident not occurred.

Example Compensation Amounts for a Workplace Injury

Our compensation table lists some potential workplace injuries along with compensation amount guidelines from the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG).  Please note that the amounts listed are simply estimates and cannot be guaranteed.

  • For a straightforward forearm fracture, awards can range from £6,610 to £19,200.
  • Compensation for the amputation of an arm or both arms can range from £96,160 to £300,000 based on the extent of amputation.
  • Severe wrist injuries resulting in lasting disability or function loss may attract awards between £24,500 to £59,860.
  • Extremely severe facial injuries causing scarring, disfigurement, and persistent pain may receive between £29,780 to £97,330.
  • Pelvis or hip injuries that do not cause serious disability fall within the £3,950 to £26,590 compensation range.
  • Minor back injuries at work such as a slipped disc with full recovery may lead to compensation between £12,510.
  • Extremely severe neck injuries causing permanent disability and ongoing pain may be compensated between £45,470 to £148,330.
  • Moderate leg injuries with potential future mobility issues are valued between £15,320 to £46,780.
  • Amputation of one or both feet may warrant compensation within the range of £71,640 to £171,920.
  • Minor head injuries with quick recovery could see compensation from £2,210 to £12,770.
  • For severe head injuries resulting in significant disability or a vegetative state, the compensation awarded can range from £282, 010 to £403,990.

Consulting with a solicitor on our panel specialising in workplace accidents can provide a more accurate estimation based on your specific case.

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Can I Claim for Psychological Suffering Due to a Workplace Accident?

If you have suffered from mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD etc as a result of a workplace accident then you may be entitled to compensation. The key to a successful claim is demonstrating a clear link between the accident at work and the psychological condition, generally backed up by medical evidence and formal diagnoses.

Can I Claim Compensation if I’m Self-Employed?

The legal responsibilities employers have towards ensuring the health and safety of their workforce extend to all workers, not solely those employed full-time.

As such, if you’re self-employed, a contractor, or on a zero-hours contract, you might still be entitled to claim work accident compensation for your injuries, provided you can demonstrate that your accident at work was due to your employer’s negligence.

What Is the Time Limit for Making an Accident at Work Claim?

In the UK, all personal injury claims have a 3-year time limit as set out by the Limitation Act 1980. This usually begins on the date your work accident occurred.

However, there are cases when the time limit might not apply. They include:

  • If the injured party doesn’t have the mental capacity to take legal action. In this case, there is no time limit for claiming while they’re incapacitated.
  • Where the injured party is under 18 years of age. In this situation, the 3-year time limit begins on the claimant’s 18th birthday but an adult can begin the accident at work claims process before then.

In both of the above situations, someone else could seek accident-at-work compensation on behalf of the claimant by acting as their litigation friend. After they’ve been approved, the litigation friend can act on behalf of the claimant and make decisions about the case for them.

To check how long you have to start an accident at work claim or for advice on becoming a litigation friend, please contact us today.

How Long Do Accident at Work Claims Take?

The duration of accident at work claims can vary widely based on several factors. For example, simple cases may be settled amicably within a few months, but more complex cases, especially those involving serious work-related injuries and diseases, disputes over liability, or negotiations regarding the settlement amount, can take much longer, sometimes several years.

Given these factors, we’d recommend speaking with a member of our team who can advise you appropriately. They can give you a more accurate estimate based on similar cases they’ve worked on and help you better understand the overall accident-at-work claim procedure.

Contacting Us About an Accident at Work Claim

We are keenly aware that initiating a personal injury claim for an accident at work against your employer may seem overwhelming. However, it’s important to recognise your entitlement to compensation for any injuries and losses that occurred through no fault of your own, and that employers are obligated to have insurance for such incidents.

Our solicitors possess extensive expertise in managing workplace accident claims with the utmost professionalism and diligence. They also operate on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis, ensuring that they’ll do their utmost to get you the compensation you deserve. Your appointed solicitor will aim to obtain the maximum possible compensation, maintaining transparency and consistent communication throughout the process.

If you want to start a claim with no time wasted, you can:

  • Speak to a member of our team by calling 0333 241 2519.
  • Use our free live chat service.

Our advice is provided on a no-obligation basis so you won’t be pressured into claiming at any point. If you do wish to proceed, and if your accident at work claim is valid, we could connect you with an accident at work solicitor on our team.

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