Our Cookie Policy

We welcome your questions concerning our Cookie Policy. Feel free to reach out to us for any clarifications.

Policy last updated: February 2024

1. Understanding Cookies on Our Website

1.1 To enhance your experience on our site, we employ cookies, which enable advanced features and personalisation. By navigating further on our website, you’re agreeing to our use of cookies.

1.2 Cookies are small data files placed on your device or computer’s hard drive, with your permission, to improve your site visit. You have the option to disable cookies via your browser settings, but please be aware that doing so may affect your ability to fully experience our site. For detailed information on cookies, including how to manage them, you can visit www.aboutcookies.org. This link is provided as a convenience, and we do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of its contents.

1.3 Consent is critical for cookie reception. A pop-up notice during your first visit will inform you that continuing to use the site signifies your consent to our cookie deployment.

2. Our Website’s Cookie Inventory

The cookie list provided here is continually updated to reflect current use:

__gads 3rd party 2 years Cloudfront
is_returning 3rd party 5 years Crazy Egg
csrftoken 1st party 1 year Website Cookie
ULS 3rd party Session Google
PREF 3rd party Session Google
NID 3rd party 6 months Google
HSID 3rd party 10 years Google
APISID 3rd party 10 years Google
SS 3rd party 10 years Google
SID 3rd party 10 years Google
SAPISID 3rd party 10 years Google
SSID 3rd party 10 years Google
__utma 3rd party 2 years Google
__utmc 3rd party Session Google
__utmz 3rd party 6 months Google
__utmb 3rd party Session Google
HumanClickKEY 3rd party Session Liveperson
HumanClickCHATKEY 3rd party Session Liveperson

3. Cookie Navigation Guide

3.1 First-Party Cookies

Identified in our table as “Website Cookie,” these are set directly by our site and are essential for its proper functionality.

3.2 Third-Party Cookies

Our site incorporates services that generate their own cookies, known as third-party cookies. These are beyond our direct control. For specifics, please consult the relevant external service’s website.

3.3 Overview of Third-Party Cookies

  • Google: Provides various services, collecting data anonymously to enhance user experience.
  • Live Chat (Zopim): Powers the real-time chat feature for immediate support.
  • Mobile Detection: Ensures a seamless browsing experience by directing mobile users to a mobile-optimized version of the site.
  • Yahoo Tracking, Crazy Egg, Cloudfront, Chango Tracking, Ad Roll, Rocket Fuel: These services are used for tracking and analysing site navigation and visitor behaviour, improving user experience, and facilitating targeted advertising based on user interaction with our site.