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How Long Does an Accident at Work Claim Take?

If you have an accident at work, your injuries can have a massive impact on your life. They may also affect the lives of your loved ones. If your accident was caused by your employer’s negligence, you may decide to claim compensation for the suffering you’ve endured. But how long does an accident at work claim take? That’s something we’ll look at throughout the course of this guide. You’ll read about how the claims process works, how compensation is calculated and what factors can affect the duration of an accident at work claim.

If you are thinking about claiming, we can help. Our team offers a free initial consultation where your claim will be assessed and your questions answered. Next, we’ll explain your legal options so you can decide what to do next. If your claim is feasible and you decide to proceed, one of our No Win, No Fee solicitors may offer to represent you. If they take on your case, they’ll act as swiftly as possible so that your accident at work claim is dealt with as quickly as possible.

To check how long your accident at work claim might take, you can:

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Please read on for more about how long accident at work claims take or call now if you have any questions.

How Long Does It Typically Take to Settle an Accident at Work Claim?

There are many factors that can affect the duration of an accident at work claim. As such, it’s not possible to say exactly how long your case will take to be settled at this stage in the claims process.

Each claim is unique because each claimant will be affected differently by their personal injury at work.

Some examples of the factors that can have an impact on the length of your accident at work claim include:

  • The severity of your injuries.
  • The type of accident that caused your injuries.
  • Your recovery time or your predicted recovery time.
  • The types of evidence your solicitor needs to gather to support your case.
  • Your employer’s willingness to accept liability for the accident and your injuries.

Each of these factors will, in some way, contribute to how long your accident at work claim will take. However, our panel of solicitors have decades of experience in handling accident-at-work claims so will always act as swiftly as possible to try and ensure they are not the cause of any delays in finalising your claim.

Crucially, no matter how long your claim takes to settle, your solicitor will keep you updated and be there to support you until your claim is settled.

How Does the Severity of My Injuries Affect the Time an Accident at Work Claim Takes?

The complexity of your injuries can significantly affect the duration of an accident at work claim. Here’s how:

  • Severity and Type of Injuries: More severe or complicated injuries may require extended medical assessments and treatment, which can prolong the process. Detailed medical reports are essential to accurately assess the extent of injuries and their impact on your life, both of which are crucial for determining the appropriate settlement amount.
  • Prognosis Uncertainty: If it’s unclear how long your recovery will take or if your condition may worsen over time, the claim might be delayed. In such cases, parties may wait to see the full extent of the injury or industrial disease to ensure all aspects are covered in the settlement.
  • Multiple Medical Evaluations: Complex injuries often require evaluations from various specialists, and coordinating these appointments can take time. These assessments must be thorough to ensure all issues are documented and attributed to the accident at work.
  • Impact on Life: Complex injuries might affect multiple aspects of your life, including your ability to work, engage in daily activities, and your mental health. Quantifying these impacts for compensation requires careful analysis and can extend negotiations.

While simpler cases with clear injuries and swift recoveries can be settled relatively quickly, complex cases demand a more meticulous approach and typically take longer to resolve as a result.

How Evidence Can Speed Up an Accident at Work Claim

Proving that your employer is liable for your accident at work is crucial if you’re to be compensated for your injuries. It can also have a massive impact on how long the claims process takes. That’s because, if there is insufficient evidence to prove your case, you could get stuck in a “your word against theirs” loop.

The types of evidence that might make it easier to prove liability (and how you’ve suffered as a result) include:

  • Video footage of the accident occurring (from CCTV cameras or mobile phones).
  • A copy of an accident report form so that the fact the accident occurred cannot be denied.
  • Medical records (with dates) to prove your injuries and any treatment needed.
  • Details of any potential witnesses in case your version of events needs to be corroborated.
  • Photographs of the accident scene especially if they demonstrate the cause of the incident.

The more evidence that you can provide to support your case, the stronger case your solicitor will be able to build. Even if you don’t have everything listed here, please feel free to call as one of our accident-at-work solicitors may still offer to represent you and gather any further evidence that’s needed as part of their service.

How Soon Should I Start The Claims Process After an Accident at Work?

It’s generally recommended to start the claims process as soon as possible after an accident at work. The Limitation Act 1980 sets a 3-year time limit for personal injury claims which will typically start from the date of the accident, or from the date you became aware that your injury was related to the accident (known as the “date of knowledge”).

Starting your accident at work claim early allows important evidence to be collected and preserved while it’s still fresh, which can strengthen your case. Additionally, beginning the process early can help ensure that you do not miss the statutory deadline, after which you might be unable to pursue compensation.

Please get in touch if you’d like to know if you still have enough time to claim compensation for an accident at work.

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How Long After Reaching a Settlement Will I Get My Compensation?

After settling an accident at work claim in the UK, the time it takes to receive the compensation payout can vary, but typically, you’ll receive it around 2 to 4 weeks later. This period allows for the finalisation of any necessary paperwork and the processing of the payment by the employer’s insurance company. Our team will do all they can to ensure that your settlement reaches you as soon as possible

If you’re struggling financially because of your injuries and your claim is still being processed, your solicitor might try to secure interim payments. These could help you cover any loss of earnings, care costs or immediate medical needs.

Will Using a Solicitor Affect the Duration of the Work Injury Claims Process?

Between them, our panel of solicitors have decades of experience in accident-at-work claims. That means that they are aware of the pre-action protocols that need to be followed when making a work injury claim.

While they won’t be able to speed up the claims process per se, they will ensure that the right information is submitted at the correct time to avoid any delays. If you work with one of our solicitors in an accident at work claim, they will:

  • Work hard to secure evidence to support your claim.
  • Ensure all paperwork is filed correctly and on time.
  • Deal with all negotiations on your behalf.
  • Keep you updated throughout the claims process.
  • Try to ensure that you receive the correct level of compensation to cover all of your suffering.

For more information on how our solicitors can help, please call now.

Would My Accident at Work Claim Be Quicker if I Settled Early?

Your employer’s insurers are likely to want to settle your claim as quickly (and as cheaply) as possible. Therefore, if your employer has accepted liability for the accident and your suffering, their insurer might offer an early settlement offer to compensate you.

However, this settlement is unlikely to reflect the full extent of your suffering and this is why you might want to work with one of our solicitors.

While accepting an early settlement offer might be tempting, it could leave you out-of-pocket down the road. For instance, your settlement might not take into account the cost of any medical treatment you’ll need in the future or any medication costs.

If you work with a solicitor from our panel, they will always try to ensure that all of your suffering (both present and future) is factored into any compensation you are awarded.

While this process might take a little longer, it could result in a much higher level of compensation than any early offer you might receive.

Contacting Us to Discuss How Long Your Accident at Work Claim Will Take

If you want to contact a legal advisor to find out how long your accident at work claim might take, you can do so by:

  • Calling 0333 241 2519 now.
  • Connecting to our live chat service.

If you do contact us, we’ll review your claim in a no-obligation initial assessment. Free legal advice will be offered and your advisor will answer any questions you might have.

If you do decide to claim and one of our solicitors offers to work for you, you’ll receive legal representation on a No Win, No Fee basis. This means you’ll only pay for your solicitor’s time and effort if you receive a compensation payout.

If you have any unanswered questions about how long accident at work claims take, please call now.

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